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Friday, June 17, 2005

Schoooooooools out for summer!

A little Alice Cooper for y'all.
Alice Cooper is like a 2 handicap, so he get's my respect (oh yeah, great song writer/performer too!)

So, NO BREAK.. its directly onto Session 2: Body Mechanics! I'm STOKED to get goin' on that stuff.

I was watching a KILLER walk cycle done by a mentor at AM of a recently released character in a feature film, and BAM! , I realized what it really was that I learned this quarter. I could actually SEE lots of things that I would have not noticed at all before. Better yet, I could see WHY it was the way it was.

Don't et me wrong, I'm not claiming I could just go and DO that... this guy is Ninja level animator. Its more like I could REALLY enjoy what he had done! The subtle bounce, the S&S... the asymmetry, yet in balance, the weight shift the drive off the foot.

PING! The Ah ha moment. It didn't happen till the very last QnA session, and it happened because a classmate referenced some art another mentor supplied. Just goes to show you... the Ah Ha moment can't be planned. Epiphany is like love. When it happens you know it but you can't will it to occur.

I think with what I'm learning at Animation Mentor, I can become a great animator. BUT, I KNOW that I already am becoming a great APPRECIATOR of an art form that adore!

Quick Note: Really loved all the people in my first group, and a major shout out to Derek! Man, you hung in 2AM and all! Thanks man.

So ONWARD. I hope I see some familiar faces in my next group, and I am excited to meet new ones!



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