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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back.

So I refined my walk cycle, and I think its worse than what I originally turned in! Man.. how did that happen ! :)

So, I have to work harder on this part of the class. I've been real busy lately,but have spent about the same amount of time on these assignments. The assignments clearly require more time.

Here it is:

Walk Refined.

I know, its getting tiring to hear me complain about my work after its done. This time its definitely deserved tho. The Walk is lots more stiff, and has no "glide" (not that last week really did either) but I was trying to get that Glide, and didn't find the handle. I'll KEEP SWIMMING until I get it tho.

So Our QnA was awesome as usual, but this time it was a 2 HOUR MEGA BLAST with Derek and Chris Hurtt. sweet. Lots of great stuff when those two perform together :) Anyway, one of the ideas form the QnA was ask EVERYONE for critique.. Anyone will do, because just about anyone eventually becomes the audience. So I showed my Stu Pose for Concern by my wife Kris.. and she looks me in the face and sez "Doh!".

I'm like "what?" Now my family is openly mocking my animation efforts? What she meant was the original pose looked like Stu had just realized something that should have been obvious to him (sniffing any irony in this yet?).

So She was absolutely right. I looked at it after hearing that and then I said, you guessed it "DOH!"

And I watched my wife's tape of Desperate Housewives looking for good reference for "concern". There was lots! (hey, they're desperate) I got some great ideas and sketched out some poses and ran those by Kris again.. (She sounded like an art director now "Hmm, thats better. I'd like to see more of this...interesting choice here...)"

Anyway, Kris went form "animation widow" to art director and it made my assignment that much better.

So here is the DOH pose...

and here is the one I turned in....

Well just two more weeks! I can't believe its gone by this fast! I think our group has really lucked out getting Derek as our Mentor. He is obviously creative and funny, but you can tell he really makes an effort to get good information back to us. Even when he is swamped at work and is having to do late nights to pull it off. Thanks D! we all appreciate it.

Next week ... Walk with Personality!



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