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Monday, May 09, 2005

Weak 6

Yes WEAK. Man, I stubbed my toe on this assignment.
I got cute and it cost me. I got all concerned about making this exercise "interesting", and it detracted me from the main point of the assignment. Fact is, the assignments are going to get tougher anyway, and I have a finite amount of time I can put to each assignment, so I'm going to cool my jets a little bit and stop wasting time on things that deter me from the "point" of the assignment.

This week was overlapping action, wave action, that sort of secondary movement that brings believability to the shot. Animate "Tailor" hopping across a side view.

Here is what I turned in ("Imagine me cringing now")...

Tailor Animation

So I lstened to Carl Satalling for a bit and decided to go with a Tex Avery looking exit to the scene. It looks like crap. It all started when I tried to do things that the model was not neccessarily set up to do. Like extreme pulls and stuff.. so I got into the model and BAM! I broke it. With no real backup file. DOH! what a dope. So here I was at 1:30 AM trying to salvage the file and the assignment. Man i was kicking myself all over.

Lesson? If I had spent the same amount of time on the actual assignment ( the tail action) I would have noticed and polished a lot of what Derek found. Lesson learned. Go big and hard, but don't make up a new assignment while I'm doing it! Sheeze I’m like a bazooka in a china shop on this one.

So I revised my Stu pose , but I don't think it improved it much.. I was just trying to get away from the symmetry in my pose, as I had seen others do so well. Bottom line, it didn't do much more for me, and Derek didn't see the need to do it either. Derek seemed to think he looked more "punched in the face" than devastated. I agree.

Stu Revised

So while I was disappointed with some decisions I made this week, I feel it was a valuable week and I learned more lessons outside of the animation space, and more in the art management space.. which is extremely valuable.



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